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What formats do you recommend players submit videos (youtube, dvd, etc.)?


Youtube. With good resolution. Anything else takes too long.



Scott Smith

Assistant Coach, University at Buffalo

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Anything that they can provide online with quick easy access is the best method these days.  I haven’t really received many DVD’s and/or jump drives in the past 5 years or so.  Things have changed


Marci Jenkins

Head Coach, Radford University


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On­line video links are best.  I don’t think many coaches are using DVD’s anymore.



Pat Kendrick

Former Head Coach (retired in 2014 after 30 years), George Mason University


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Youtube. Definitely not dvd.



Aaron Smith

Assistant Volleyball Coach, UVA


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Online seems to be the easiest these days, a simple You Tube Video of some highlights followed by 10­-20 minutes of unedited film works well.


Matt Troy

Head Volleyball Coach, University of Mary Washington


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Introduction, then I like highlight reels in the beginning to grab attention, live game footage...then a separate skills footage link.


Alyssa D'Errico
Former Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Louisville Volleyball 


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Coming Soon!


Chad M Gatzlaff


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A link to YouTube is perfect.  I get 25‐40 recruiting e‐mails a day.  I couldn’t possibly open that many DVD’s and watch them.


Chris Willis


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I would definitely recommend YouTube or another online format. I tend to lose DVD’s and online video is great because I can pull it up and watch it whenever I need to easily. Some coaches differ in their opinions, but I strongly prefer longer game film clips as opposed to a “highlight reel” or “skills tapes.” I want to not only see a players good “highlight” plays but also their aggressive mistakes and how they react to them and recover from them. I want to see how players interact with their teammates and coaches. I want to see decision making in multiple plays in a row, not just one 3 second clip. It’s great to include really good performances, but it isn’t a realistic representation of that player in my opinion. Also – great graphics and editing and music is completely unnecessary.


Erin Albert


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YouTube is great...anything that can be seen on a MAC!


Shelby Lynn


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Cindy Gregory


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I like youtube. Upload a full game with the time between serves edited out. I need to see all of your good and bad plays from a game. If you are a setter, make it a full match.


Hudson Bates


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You tube links are fine as long as the Privacy settings are squared away. I still can watch DVD’s as well. Links to Hudl and other recruiting links are fine too.


Marcus Robinson

Head Women's Volleyball Coach, Northern Virginia Community College

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