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What’s the most memorable thing you’ve ever seen in a player’s recruiting video?


I saw a player's video (men's) where hardly any of it was volleyball: Starts with his intro and immediately shows him jumping over a car, then a chain link fence! He followed it up with cranking a ball on the 5 foot line and saying "oh yeah, I can hit a volleyball too". For the most part I like the recruiting videos I see initially to be short and sweet. If you are an attacker I need to see some of your best swings in the first 10 seconds. If you are a defensive player I need to see a great dig or a strong move to a served ball very early. Once you have my attention I am going to want that full game footage where I can see your tendencies and consistency on the court.



Scott Smith

Assistant Coach, University at Buffalo


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To be honest with you I don’t know if I have ever seen a most memorable thing.  A recruiting video grabs my attention for sure but in person is always the best judge!



Marci Jenkins

Head Coach, Radford University


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I’ve seen some videos which are memorable for the wrong reasons (bad camera angles, not knowing who I’m supposed to be watching because I can’t read the numbers or every player is the “one with the ponytail”, parents cursing in the background, music with explicit lyrics).  The main thing when putting together a video, is for the player to put their position skills first.  Meaning attackers should show themselves hitting first, not passing or serving.  These are skills which can be shown later.  Even if showing a strong jump serve, serving should be kept at a
minimum.  A Setter’s movement to/along/and off the net should be shown (even off of a tossed ball).  Libs/DS’s should show serve reception and defense.  The video doesn’t need to be more than about 10 minutes.  During practice, set up the camera/Ipad on the same side as the player.  During competitions, set up showing as much of the court as possible.  Most coaches don’t recruit strictly from video, so it should be used just to give the coach an idea of the player’s skills.



Pat Kendrick

Former Head Coach (retired in 2014 after 30 years), George Mason University


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The most memorable thing I saw was a girl that shared a video of her getting hit in the head in SR.  I’m not sure it was intentional but I will never forget the girls video.



Aaron Smith

Assistant Volleyball Coach, UVA


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It’s actually something I heard!  I heard a parent of a player complaining about the coaching on their recruiting video.  That was an immediate sign that we don’t want this individual.


Matt Troy

Head Volleyball Coach, University of Mary Washington


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Bloopers that show the kids personality, dunking a volleyball, and juggling two balls (passing both at the same time)


Alyssa D'Errico
Former Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Louisville Volleyball 


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Coming Soon!


Chad M Gatzlaff


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An introduction while outside in a hurricane.


Chris Willis


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Honestly for this one I can only remember bad videos (to the point that they’re hilarious sometimes), so I’m skipping this question! haha


Erin Albert


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We cut to the chase with videos!  I watch them all, but get right to the play.


Shelby Lynn


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Back flip and a clown running through a video


Cindy Gregory


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The bad ones are the easiest to remember unfortunately. I've seen a few libero videos and the first 5 minutes is the guy serving. (Libero's aren't allowed to serve in men's NCAA, or international)


Hudson Bates


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Besides the highlight of spectacular plays on their video, I do like the simple introduction of players talking and explain who they are and what they are all about before their clips begin. This way you can relate the personality to the player on the court. I like to see players celebrate points won and how their attitude is towards the team and match when they are on the bench not playing.


Marcus Robinson

Head Women's Volleyball Coach, Northern Virginia Community College

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