LUIZ CARLOS SPINOLA SILVEIRA JUNIOR -  Head 16s Coach 2019-2020 Club Season


Coach Luiz grew up in Campinas, interior of Sao Paulo state, Brazil, one of the top leading countries in volleyball. He also played soccer during his younger years; however, volleyball remained his passion and continued to play competitively with Club Fonte Sao Paulo, Medley and through his college years.


With the influence of his club coaches and his love of volleyball, Coach Luiz decided to expand his knowledge of volleyball into coaching.   Because the Volleyball Brazilian Federation (FBV) requires to pursue a degree in sports education, Coach Luiz decided to obtain his Physical Education degree from the University of Campinas (UNICAMP).


His devotion to the sport inspired Coach Luiz to travel to the Northern Virginia area to continue exploring and pass his knowledge to the next generation. With his technical skills and ability to work with children from the elementary grades through high school and adults, he has been a valuable resource for No Panic.


NPV: Why do you enjoy working with young athletes?

Coach Luiz: It’s awesome knowing that you’re helping them grow up and become a better person.


NPV:  What do you like most about No Panic?

Coach Luiz:  Everybody that I met at No Panic loves volleyball and that’s the most important thing to be a good club.


NPV:  What do you want to learn about USA volleyball?

Coach Luiz: Volleyball here is good and I want to improve my knowledge about volleyball and become a better coach.

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