JORDAN MCKINNEY -  Indoor & Outdoor Coach 

Coach Jordan has guest coached with us the last couple of years and we're happy to have Coach Jordan join us again during the Summer and Fall 2020!  She originally played for No Panic when the club was first established in 2013 for indoor and outdoor volleyball.  From Aldie, VA, Coach Jordan is currently attending Standford University where she is a member of the varsity beach program studying Biology with a focus on Neurobiology.   She has competed in numerous tournaments around the nation for the last 7 years traveling from Virginia to Maryland, Delaware, California, Ohio, Florida etc.   Read on to learn more about her and her thoughts on how playing outdoor/beach benefits your indoor skills.

NPV: When did you start playing volleyball?

JM: Started in 6th grade! Played almost every other sport before volleyball but didn’t love any of them.

NPV:When did you play for No Panic Volleyball (NPV)? 

JM: Played for No Panic for 2 years in 8th and 9th grade.

NPV: What attracted you to  play for No Panic? 

JM: The focus on learning to play based on perfecting fundamental skills, such as ball control and passing.

NPV: When did you start playing beach volleyball? I started playing beach volleyball in JM: 7th grade. I played one tournament in Rehoboth Beach and immediately fell in love with it. 


NPV: What attracted you to beach volleyball?

JM: I loved the mental aspect of the game. With only 2 players, you have to really focus on controlling your own emotions and being able to regulate how you respond to different situations, as there isn’t a large team to pick you up if you’re down or not playing well. I also loved the added pressure of being only 1 of 2 players on the court; it forces you to make aggressive decisions in order to put the ball away quickly and efficiently. 


NPV: How does playing beach volleyball help with indoor volleyball? 

JM: Beach volleyball is very focused on ball control. Being on an unstable surface (the sand) and having to deal with outdoor conditions such as rain and wind will force a player to resort to more simplistic techniques in order to play at a high level and deal with those conditions. This kind of ball control, I have found, makes it much easier to play indoor. Playing in sand also makes players faster and more explosive. 

NPV: What do you enjoy doing outside of volleyball? 

JM:I enjoy lifting weights/ working out and doing research in my lab at school. I also enjoy going to the beach and reading.


NPV: What part of your life and philosophy would you like to have players incorporate in their own lives?  

JM:I think that putting in hard work and being self-motivated will always result in a positive outcome for the game. Especially with beach volleyball, you really have to be able to push yourself and see where you need to grow your game in order to play at a higher level. I also think that being humble and able to accept where you need to grow is incredibly important- you can’t blame every mistake on someone else when there are only 2 players on the court, and there is always something you can do to be better and to help your partner.

NPV: Who is your favorite volleyball influencer and why? 

JM:Kerri Walsh- she is incredibly humble, especially given her talent on the court and her past accomplishments. She has also worked to make sure that her influence is being used to help others through her different philanthropic work and her organization.



2019:  Member of Stanford Varsity Beach Volleyball Program

2018:  Track State:  Girls 4x100

2017:  Current USA National Junior Beach Ranking:    U18:  10th

2017:  Track Conference:  Girls 4x100, Girls 300 Hurdles, Girls 100 Hurdles

2017:  Track Regionals:  Girls 4x100, Girls 300 Hurdles

2017:  Track States:  Girls 4x100

2016:  Nominated for USA International/A1 Trials

2016:  JCHS Varsity Letter-Track and Field 

2016:  Track Conference:   Girls 4x100, Girls 300 Hurdles, Girls 100 Hurdles 

2016:  Track Regionals:   Girls 4x100, Girls 300 Hurdles, Girls 100 Hurdles

2016:  Track States:  Girls 4x100, Girls 300 Hurdles

2015:  JCHS Varsity Letter- Volleyball

2015:  First Team All-Conference Volleyball (only athlete on HS team and only sophomore)

2015:  Honorable Mention 2nd Team All Region Volleyball (only athlete on team and only sophomore)

2015:  JCHS Varsity Letter-Track and Field 

2015:  Regional HP Beach Volleyball Representative (HP Championships- Hermosa Beach, CA)

2015:  Set JCHS school record for Girl’s 400M Dash (1:02.66)

2015:  Track Conference:   100M Dash, 200M Dash, 400M Dash, Long Jump, and Girls 4x4. 

2015:  Track Regionals:   200M Dash, 400M Dash, Long Jump, and Girls 4x4. 

2015:  Track States:   Girls 4x4 as anchor, placed 6th (medal) in State (all freshman team)

2014:  Regional HP Beach Volleyball Representative (HP Championships- Hermosa Beach, CA)

2013:  USA HP Beach Volleyball A2





1st Place:  Women’s Open Rehobth Beach DE



4x100 Relay State Championships

1st Place:  Women’s Open:  First Rites, Rehoboth Beach DE

1st Place:  AVP U18 South Caroline



3rd Place:  USA Eastern Zonal Championships (Atlanta Georgia)

1st Place Gulf Shore Regional Championship (Gulf Shores Alabama)

1st Place Beach Wars (Gulf Shores Alabama)

1st Place 18U ESPL Winter Tournament (Cincinnati)



1st in 25+ tournaments including ESPL, CoED Adult, Adult Women's Open, GNBV, JBT National Qualifierd, RevCo Grass, TVA CoEd Open, TVA Men's AA, Neptune Festival, Mid Atlantic Cup Championships, First Rights

2nd and 3rd in 10+ tournaments including Adult Co-Ed Open, USAV National Championship, CBVA, Ohio Valley Season Opener, ESPL, East Coast Surfing Championships, Get Noticed Beach, Co-Ed A/AA KOG

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