DANIELLE CULLEN – Pink Shirt & Sand Storm Coach Summer 2019


Coach Danielle is a Loudoun County native and was part of the strong tradition of competitive volleyball at Loudoun County High School.  What attracted her to the sport?   "The game is really challenging and fast paced, but really fun! It was something I wanted to learn and get better at."   A tall lefty, Danielle has been much in demand as a right side hitter and setter, but her skills are evident all over the court.  


Coach Danielle has been part of No Panic Volleyball Club since our very first year in 2013.  She is currently coaching our Pink Shirt Program where she brings energy and strong technical skills to the court and we’re thrilled to have her as a Sand Storm coach!  Her goal is for every player to walk away feeling they've improved, had fun, and continue to grow as players and people.

"Always be kind to everyone--we rise by lifting others, and always believe in yourself. A positive attitude can go a long way"

Hometown: Leesburg, VA 

Education: BA in Interpersonal Communication and Minor in Health Communication 

Position(s) played:  Played right side and little bit of outside throughout middle school, high school, and into college/adult leagues.


How has NPV changed since you started coaching? 

There is a different group of coaches from when I started. The beach program has expanded, as there used to be beach in the summer, but as the level of interest for beach has increased, No Panic has answered that, and started a team that holds practices and focuses on beach year-round, which is super cool!


What do you enjoy doing outside of volleyball? 

Outside of volleyball, I like to hang out with friends and family, I like to sing, when I was living in Texas I'd go Latin dancing and country dancing quite a bit, volunteering, spending time outdoors, watching videos/movies, reading, and sleeping. 


What attracted you to coaching?  Coaching with NPV? 

I really enjoy working with and helping people, and felt like coaching in a fun and relaxed atmosphere was a great way to do that! It's so cool to see players progress, and to share a love of the sport. Throughout the years, it's been awesome to work with many different coaches and learn from them. 


What part of your life and philosophy would you like to have players incorporate in their own lives? 

I think some things that I would like players to incorporate in their own lives would be always be kind to everyone--we rise by lifting others, and always believe in yourself. The only two things that really frustrate me as a coach are when players either give up before they even try, or don't give all the effort they have. A positive attitude can go a long way and I'd love for players to have that growth mindset, and be unafraid to make mistakes. In addition, every time they step on the court, and in any aspect of life, always try your hardest, hustle, work hard, and when faced with adversity never give up. I love how the name of the club is "No Panic," I know in life something I'm working on is I kind of have the tendency to press the "panic button," so to speak, when things get stressful, but whether in volleyball or in life, it's good to just be calm and not panic,and I think that's something that I hope players can remember, as well. 


Who is your favorite volleyball influencer and why? 

I love Kerri Walsh Jennings--have watched interviews of her and  I just admire her so much as person, her attitude, how she treats people, her work ethic, how she balances life, and gives everything she has is super inspiring! Not to mention she is just an incredible volleyball player and athlete!


Another volleyball influencer I think is awesome is Sarah Hughes. She's 5'10", which is sometimes considered undersized in the volleyball world depending on the level you're playing at. I love how she defies those odds, and is a fearless competitor. She's unafraid to go for her dreams, and even when she was still in college she was playing on the AVP tour and fearlessly playing against some of the best competition in the world, and I just think that's so cool!


How is playing outdoor different from playing indoor?

Playing outdoor is different then indoor! Outdoor is a really great way to improve your indoor game because there's a lot of reading involved, you get a lot of reps, and you get to learn how to play every skill! In both indoor and outdoor, ball control is super important, but especially in outdoor!  I would say outdoor is a little slower in a sense, and more defensive. Though power definitely still comes in handy on the beach at times, it's not always about how powerful you are, but how smart. It's about reading your opponent, defending your court, and having good shots and placement. Whereas I would say indoor is a little bit more offensive--it can be a little quicker paced, and is a little more power-driven. Also, while still being intense and competitive, I've noticed the overall atmosphere of beach in general is more relaxed, which is nice!


How will playing outdoor doubles benefit you when playing indoor?

It will help you be able to learn every skill, and moving on sand tends to be kind of tough, so it really conditions you. Your serve receive, ball control, shot placement, and ability to read your opponent will likely improve a lot, as well! 



  • No Panic Volleyball Club Pink Shirt Program Coach

  • No Panic Volleyball Club Beach Sand Storm Coach

  • No Panic Volleyball Club 13s Assistant Coach

  • No Panic Volleyball Club 14s Travel Co-Head Coach

  • No Panic Volleyball Clinic Coach

  • Loudoun County High School Raiders Camp Coach

  • Coach at 'Volleyball is Fun' Summer Camp with Darlene Swanson

  • Simpson Middle School—LYV Assistant Coach



  • Local adult outdoor leagues/tournaments

  • Local adult indoor leagues/tournaments 

  • No Panic Volleyball Club Beach Sandstorm Women's AA/A player

  • Saint Francis University Women's Intermural Volleyball (Right Side Hitter)

  • Loudoun County High School Varsity Volleyball (Right Side/Outside Hitter) Junior and Senior years

  • Loudoun County High School Junior Varsity Volleyball

  • Simpson Middle School—LYV (Select, Club)

  • Club Volleyball (Northern Virginia Premier, NOVA, Virginia Elite, NVVA)

  • Continues to play locally



  • VHSL State Championship Team Member—Loudoun County High School

  • District and Regional Championships Team Member—Loudoun County High School

  • Most Valuable Player Award, All-Star Award—Raider Camp


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