BI NGUYEN-  Personal Trainer 2019-2020 Season

Coach Bi has always been interested in playing volleyball at a young age. The competition, camaraderie, and the challenge of developing his skills as a player in a fast-paced game is what attracted him.  He has played in numerous volleyball recreational leagues and tournaments the last 10 years.  Even though this will be Coach Bi's second year coaching volleyball, he has experience coaching young athletes including being a head coach and assistant coach for both his sons basketball teams with Chantilly Youth Association and Ashburn Youth Basketball League.  He was also an assistant coach for two seasons at Chantily Youth Association Soccer and currently an assistant coach for Open 2 at Mercer Middle School.  Beyond coaching, he has been a registered Cub Scout Troop Leader for five years mentoring children between the ages 5-13 years old. 

Coach Bi is a native to the Northern VA area and went to Norther VA Community College with a degree in Business and Communications.  He enjoys anything outdoors including camping fishing.

NPV: What attracted you to coaching and coaching with NPV? 

Coach Bi: Seeing the level of commitment and player development that occurs at NPV beyond just teaching volleyball skills.

NPV:  What part of your life and philosophy would you like to have players incorporate in their own lives?

Coach Bi: To never give up and never quit.  This applies to volleyball and life in general. Everyone makes mistakes and gets knocked down from time to time, but it's important to get back up and try & try again.

NPV: Who is your favorite volleyball influencer and why? 

Coach Bi: Right now, it would have to be Coach Alan.  His skills are impressive but more importantly, his commitment to developing his players and his tireless efforts to support and grow the club is awesome.

Coach Bi: I really enjoy coaching/teaching/mentoring young people and hopefully make a positive impact in their young lives that can carry on into adulthood.  There's nothing more rewarding than contributing and giving back to society.  Children are the future and as adults, we all have a responsibility to help set them up for success and to become positive contributors to the world community (along with their parents of course).

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