ATIYA QILLAWALA - 14 Travel Assistant Coach


Throughout Coach Atiya Quillawala’s 8 years of playing volleyball she have been trained by many amazing coaches. Starting off as a young player the only two things she had learned was how to serve and pass the volleyball. As years have gone by, I learned more about reading the ball on defense and creating kills on offense.


After playing club at a different club, I found the No Panic Volleyball Club and have been here since the 15s age group!  With training between Taekwondo and Volleyball Coach Atiya can confidently say she’s learned a lot about both the physical and mental game of volleyball. Through the eight years she has played Coach Atiya is well versed to teach others how to excel in this sport as well. The 12 plus years of martial arts has also trained me to be a better athlete both mentally and physically. Not only have I learned how to defend myself but I have also learned a lot about how to live a healthy lifestyle that incorporates sports.

The best part about volleyball for Coach Atiya is playing defense. Coach Atiya is predominately a defensive specialist and playing defense has given her the satisfaction of digging hard driven attacks from opponents.  There is just something about digging up a hard driven hit from an amazing hitter that is just so exhilarating to Coach Atiya.


Coach Atiya is currently preparing her college search at Georgetown University, University of Pittsburgh, Boston University and Virginia Commonwealth University.

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