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What impact does a player’s academic performance have on your recruiting thought process?


For me it has a large impact. We have a 3.4 cumulative GPA and we want that to get higher. If you have lower than a 3.0 I'm probably going to move on regardless of how skilled you are.



Scott Smith

Assistant Coach, University at Buffalo


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Well when I see a kids playing you aren’t sure what their grades are like until you start to get to know them.  Because we are not a fully funded program kids that have great academics is HUGE for us, so it does make a difference after that initial phone call.


Marci Jenkins

Head Coach, Radford University


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Because the NCAA eligibility rules are getting stricter, having a good academic profile will be important in getting into a player’s desired school.  Not every coach will have “wiggle room” with the Admissions Office when trying to get in students who are barely Qualifiers.  Also if the player takes their academics seriously, this speaks to their work ethic.



Pat Kendrick

Former Head Coach (retired in 2014 after 30 years), George Mason University


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It plays a large part but it is not something that we necessarily look at right away.  We make sure a player has the ability to make us better and then we figure out grades.  With that said, if we really like a player’s skills and she doesn’t have the grades she is immediately off the board.



Aaron Smith

Assistant Volleyball Coach, UVA


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For us academic performance is key.  Each school has their set standards for admissions and it’s important to ask each coach what they need you to have academically.


Matt Troy

Head Volleyball Coach, University of Mary Washington


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Huge for some schools depending on how hard it is to get kids into that school or major.  For us we are in a competitive ACC conference academically so we are constantly trying to raise our standards. If we can’t get you in to school and know we don’t have a shot (especially with new NCAA regulations) then chances are we will stop recruiting you.


Alyssa D'Errico
Former Assistant Volleyball Coach, University of Louisville Volleyball 


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Chad M Gatzlaff


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For Davidson, academics is the FIRST thing we look at.  If they can’t get into our school the rest doesn’t matter.


Chris Willis


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It has a HUGE impact on recruiting. If a player hasn’t demonstrated that they are able to balance academics and athletics in high school, I sincerely doubt they will be successful doing so in college, and I hesitate to even look at recruiting them. Playing collegiate volleyball is a privilege, and you need to earn that right in the classroom as much as on the court.


Erin Albert


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Academic Performance is important to be successful at VT.


Shelby Lynn


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HUGE!!!  Coming to college to get an education


Cindy Gregory


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At DIII academics are literally dollars. The higher the GPA the more scholarship you will receive it's that simple. I also know that a kid who can't manage above a 3.0 in high school is probably not going to get above a 3.0 in college, and that doesn't fly with in our program. We have maintained a team GPA of 3.3 for the last three years.


Hudson Bates


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Academic performance is huge as we want players that can produce good grades as well as good play on the court. If a player can manage their time for school work and do well then players tend to do well when it comes to volleyball practices and matches. Time management is the most important thing. Plus if they are smart in their classwork then most likely they are smart players too. If a player prospect comes to me with low academic work or issues, then that means more I have to monitor that player. But that is a good thing because NOVA offers lots of FREE tutoring and counseling to help students do their best.


Marcus Robinson

Head Women's Volleyball Coach, Northern Virginia Community College

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